Ottemo eCommerce

eCommerce reinvented for the modern enterprise. Super-fast, cutting-edge, and mobile-first.


Ottemo is a next generation eCommerce platform bringing fortune 100 features to the Small and Medium enterprise like never before. Our mobile first platform allows you to access all the eCommerce tools you need for your business from anywhere. We also provide a versatile API and sample configurations so you can kick start your online store.

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Mobile first by pedigree

Ottemo is built on the latest cutting edge technology, using a single code base for mobile and web interfaces. This means your site would look great on mobile devices.

Built on the most cutting edge technology available

We bring fortune 100 features that large enterprises enjoy to the small and to medium business like never before. Ottemo evens the eCommerce playing field.

Cost efficient

Ottemo does all this in an equitable cost model bridging the current technology gap between small and medium enterprises.

Real Time Analytics

​Our Dashboard brings all the analytics that power your business into one place so you can make speedy, better informed decisions. Our Dashboard brings you real time analytics on visitors, sales, referrals, etc.

Ottemo | Speroteck Magento Support

Scales effortlessly with your business

Ottemo makes scaling your online business a breeze. Our platform allows you to scale from a small business getting started into a medium to large size company without ever having to upgrade or switch platforms.

Fast as light

Ottemo is 10x faster than other reputable eCommerce platforms.

Ottemo | Speroteck Magento Support

SEO Friendly

Built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) elements! Being a next-generation platform, Ottemo is making sure that your site will be SEO friendly to please the search engines.

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ecommerce, Magento Support, Software development
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ecommerce, Magento Support, Software development
ecommerce, Magento Support, Software development
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