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New Website Checklist

A well-crafted checklist is vital for a successful website launch, ensuring thorough planning,

design accuracy, content optimization, and seamless functionality, guaranteeing an

exceptional user experience

01Planning a new website?

Whether you open a new business and need a new website, or improve current one, here is what you need to focus on

Domain Name (URL)

Choose a catchy web address (URL) that reflects your brand and is easy to remember

Organization and Structure

Plan how your site will be organized. Divide content into clear sections, making navigation a breeze


Design a visually appealing layout that’s user-friendly. Balance text and images for an engaging experience

Redesigning Your Website

When giving your site a fresh look, analyze user feedback and trends. Update content and design accordingly

Planning for Changes

Anticipate updates and new features. A well-thought-out plan ensures seamless growth and evolution

URL Redirects

If changing page URLs, set up redirects so visitors land on the right pages, preserving SEO value


Learn how to fix common issues like broken links or slow loading times to keep your site running smoothly

Technical Expertise

Basic technical knowledge helps you solve small glitches and manage your site confidently

SEO Tools

Utilize tools to enhance your site’s visibility in search results. Keywords, meta tags, and quality content play a role

02Market Your Optimized Website

Marketing Plan and Goals

Technical SEO ensures your website’s structure is easy for search engines to navigate, helping them understand your content’s organization and relevance

Supplementing SEO with Paid and Retargeting Ads

Technical SEO involves optimizing your website’s elements to load quickly. This enhances user experience and is favored by search engines, contributing to higher rankings

Reviews and Competitive Assessments

Dive into customer reviews and evaluate your competitors. Extract valuable insights to refine your offerings, address customer concerns, and stand out in the market. Your customers’ feedback is your compass

03How to protect yourself from algorithm shifts


Employ a diverse set of SEO tactics. Rely on high-quality content, relevant keywords, and authoritative backlinks to fortify your website against algorithm fluctuations


Continuously monitor and analyze your website’s performance. Track key metrics like traffic, rankings, and engagement to swiftly adapt to any algorithmic shifts and ensure sustained online visibility

04Use analytics to improve your rankings and overall business online

Google Analytics Primer

Get familiar with Google Analytics, a powerful tool for tracking website performance. Understand its features to gain insights into user behavior and engagement

Top Reports for Search

Explore essential Google Analytics reports for enhancing your online presence. Examine organic search data, landing pages, and user demographics to optimize your strategy and improve rankings

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