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What we do

We implement online stores from scratch – being certified in all major eCommerce platforms, we will help you pick an optimal one. We will walk you through the entire journey and make sure you are ready to sell your products!

We improve existing stores – do you feel that your website is outdated and needs a fresh boost? We have designers and UX experts ready for the mission. 

We migrate stores from platform to platform – it happens that your business has expanded or changed its model and you need another platform. We will make it a smooth and seamless transition. Attention to details is paramount. 

We build Mobile Apps – if you believe having an app is something your business needs, we are here to take the requirements! 

We offer constant 24×7 support – we always work. Literally. Our 24×7 staff shifts ensure your requests are addressed ASAP.  The Managed Services page will provide more information.

Major projects

Major projects

Building a new store or in need of a major change? We will partner with you on this journey. Our business analysists and technical experts will assist in defining the requirements, scoping the project and see it to completion. We will provide a clear design document, a budget, an implementation plan, and a test plan. Our approach is transparent with regular touch points. You will know every resource who is working on your assignment.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Part of an ongoing support plan, we call it Piece of Mind. For a flat monthly fee, you get to be hooked-up to our “life support machine”, means constant pro-active monitoring. You also get a dedicated account manager and fast response times. This will ensure your web store is always there for your customers. Managed Services plans include free development hours which can be used for any tasks.

Ad-Hoc requests

Ad-Hoc requests

Your store is a living organism, something always happens. Sales are coming up, need a security update, minor design changes, etc – we will provide access to our support system for you to submit a task. Our specialist will assess the change and provide estimates. Should you wish to proceed, we will complete the task and bill you at the end of the month. Simple as that. We also offer blocks of hours at a discounted rate. Hours never expire.

Why Choose Us?

Extensive Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the eCommerce industry, Speroteck possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise to deliver top-notch solutions. Overall, we accumulated over 160 professional certifications, and counting.

Customer Satisfaction

We love you loving us! Most of our business is built on a word-to-mouth approach. We don’t have sales department – our salespeople are our clients – you! We will work hard for your approval and hoping to have you as a customer for life.

Tailored Services

We prioritize understanding of your needs, your target audience, and objectives to provide personalized solutions that drive success. We thrive to prove ourselves worthy of your trust to run your online store. Every store is unique – especially yours!


We stay with the latest trends in eCommerce Development. All our technical engineers attend conferences and events, read industry publications, participate in online courses and webinars. We love to experiment with new technologies. All this to be able to offer the latest to our clients.

Dedicated Support

We provide continuous support and timely updates to ensure the smooth functioning and growth of your eCommerce business. We literally here 24×7!